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Therese ToftingTherese Tofting


Hanne ØsthagenHanne Østhagen


Masha Sri VestrheimMasha Vestrheim


Gerard DwyerGerard Dwyer



Doro Korsvold - back vocals Photo - Roy BjørgeDoro Korsvold



Fairy is a melodic rock/metal band based in Bergen, Norway. Formed in 2007 by vocalist and guitarist Therese Tofting and drummer Hanne Østhagen, the band was joined by Masha Vestrheim on lead guitar and Trine Pernille Klokkerud on bass.

Shortly after formation, the band rose quickly to prominence in the Bergen live music scene and went on to win the Emergenza festival in 2009 ahead of 38 other bands.

In 2010, Fairy began work on what would be their debut album. Influenced by early 90’s grunge and late 80’s metal with a modern, melodic edge, “Private Universe” was released to critical acclaim and helped establish Fairy as one of Bergen’s premier rock bands.

Following the success of “Private Universe”, Fairy saw an evolution of style, redefining their sound into something massive and much grander, but also deeper and more progressive than previous work. In 2011 the band was joined by Gerard Dwyer on synth and later in 2013 by Doro Korsvold on backing vocals, completing the current lineup.

In 2014, Fairy returned to the studio to record their second album, “Vinterverv” (Norwegian for “Winter Solstice”). The new album sees a departure from the hard rock/grunge sound of Private Universe to something harder, heavier and darker. In addition, the new album will for the first time feature many new songs with lyrics written in Norwegian as well as English.

Fairy is a band that is constantly evolving; not content to confine themselves to a particular style or genre, and not afraid to push the boundaries and do something new, Fairy is a band that is bound to leave an impression.


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